Named for the thousands of souls that perished centuries ago, the Bay of Spirits is not an inviting place - at first. It is a deep fjord-like body of water surrounded by towering cliffs, bottomless ravines, and almost impenetrable wilderness. Despite this, settlements exist, and flourish. The folk here are as hard as the land, carving an existence out of the rugged landscape around them.

a medieval fantasy realm based on original artwork and maps by Randy M

The Bay of Spirits is a compilation of maps, illustrations, sketches, and text designed to bring more form and substance to this medieval-style fantasy setting. It is a setting which has existed in plastic totes, forgotten binders, sketch pads, and disk drives for the past 3 decades. I’ve attempted to share a lot of these creative seeds - often expanding on ideas I’ve started years ago when I was actively playing. A few of my previous publications and booklets have touched on the setting but have not quite delved into the meat and bones of what the Bay of Spirits can be.


This site is intended to provide additional information for use with publications found on as well as postings on Google+. Links to published material are provided.

Core Map for the Bay of Spirits

It is also a land of goblins, faeries, dragons, trolls, dwarves, giants, and the undead. Restless spirits and tormented ghosts haunt ancient ruins and hidden coves while sea zombies crawl across rocky shores in search of the living. Crumbled castles and keeps hold untold treasure and ancient passages, sealed off for millennia, remain shrouded in mystery. Adventure is everywhere.

Core Map for the Bay of Spirits

Blood in the Snow. Farms in the hamlet of Winterton are being raided at night. Who, or what, is doing the raiding is a mystery. Animals have disappeared and now a visiting merchant has gone missing. The only clue is a blood drenched hat sitting in the snow along a stretch of road.


This pdf is available as a free download. It is a mini-adventure set in the small hamlet of Winterton. It is also part of an upcoming supplement that delves into the Bay of Spirits in greater detail. Enjoy!

Blood in the Snow.

PDF - 30.8 MB

The Trickle.

PDF - 66.1 MB

The Trickle. Officially named Guernsey’s Plunge, this 800 foot waterfall is known locally as the Trickle. It is a cascade-type waterfall, dropping over the side of a sheer cliff to the rocks and ocean below. The roar from the torrent can be heard for miles. The waterfall is fed by a narrow, but deep, river that flows out of a nearby lake. The current near the base of the cliff is extremely dangerous, making landing by boat almost impossible. Access to the top of the falls is via an overland route spanning Windward Isle.


Contains an 8.5"x45" banner-style map.


Windward Isle in a excellent place to start if one is new to the Bay of Spirits. Located at the entrance to the Bay, the island boasts adventure, excitement, and Wreckers! It is also the site of The Trickle.


The adjacent illustration is the core map for 'The Wreckers of Windward Isle', a guide detailing the island, its inhabitants, and various adventure hooks. Click on the image if a higher resolution file is required. The image below redirects you to where you can purchase the guide itself.

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